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How to Invest in URBT

 Urban Television Network

NOTE) URBT does not accept direct investment from the general public at-large.  We will and do accept investments from accredited investors with a minimum invest of $10,000.00. If you have a 1 million dollar net worth contact us directly at (323) 489-8119.

For investors investing under $10,000.00 here are the steps:

STEP 1)  We are Urban Television Network Corp. stock symbol (URBT) we trade on the OTC Markets Exchange.

STEP 2) You we need to open an investment account with a broker dealer like E-trade, TD Ameritrade or a broker dealer like these companies. (We are not endorsing any broker dealer)

STEP 3) If you need help with opening you account call the broker dealer you sign to and they will help you step by step.

STEP 4) You will then need to fund your investment account with whatever amount of money you decide.  (Do not invest unwisely. Investing in the stock market can be risky).

STEP 5) You will need to purchase the stock symbol “URBT”

STEP 6) We are asking our new stockholders to not to sell you shares right away give us a chance to grow the company.

STEP 7) Tell your friends

We welcome you as a new owner and stockholder of Urban Television Network.