URBT TV (OTCMKTS: URBT) Introduces New Programs To Keep Fans Excited

Urban Television Network (URBT) unveils plans to improve on programs offering to its viewers by increasing broadcast of a variety of shows, including sports, movies, news, entertainment, and family programs.

URBT network’s programming is mainly geared toward over 80 million urban consumers consisting of English-speaking Hispanic, African-American, Asian and other ethnic minorities. The network will broadcast original programs for many hours of the day which include classic movies and series. The company will also syndicate programs to stations that are beyond its reach.

The demand for urban programming all over the world is in an upward trajectory and this is why URBT TV is focused on providing quality movies and television programs targeted at urban communities. URBT Network is currently seeking TV affiliates to sign up for majority stake in a company that is set to take American urban television by storm.

URBT TV’s plans to be the best Network offering urban television experience that can not be surpassed. It intends to remain on cable, but with better programming than what is available now in minority dominated areas all over the country. It is seeking TV affiliates and investors to broadcast free over-the-air programming from their over-air stations to television viewing audiences in the communities served by these local affiliate television stations while boosting the company’s TV production capacities.

Viewers can be excited to get some of the best shows, watch live sports, watch movies, catch entertainment and family programming and much more. The Network will anchor its offering on the show titled “Cold Squad,” a Canadian police procedural series that sees its lead actor, Sergeant Ali McCormick (Julie Stewart), and a a team of homicide detectives from the Vancouver Police Department reopen and resolve long-unsolved, or “cold” cases.

About Urban Television Network (OTCMKTS: URBT): Urban Television Network – URBT TV is a United States-based broadcast television network focused primarily on serving the African-American and Hispanic populations and other ethnic populations in the urban markets. URBT TV delivers its programming around-the-clock. It has access to a variety of shows, including sports, movies, news, entertainment, variety and family programming.

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