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URBT seeks to expand its services into new DMA’s the company

is searching for TV  affiliates to drive it forward

The nation’s urban independent television broadcasters Urban Television Network (OTCMKTS: URBT) is seeking Television affiliates to join its network. URBT  TV is a United States  based broadcast television network focused primarily on serving the urban populations and other ethnic populations in the urban markets.

URBT TV Network achieved a major milestone in 2019 by signing affiliate agreements with two TV stations; one located in Wichita, Kansas and the other in Pensacola, FL.  The network began broadcasting in May  2019 in Pensacola, Florida on WBQP Channel 12.3 . The network is growing in leaps and bounds since then and seeks more affiliates to share in this expansion.

Urban Television Network URBT TV seeks to continue its committed to being the nation’s leading provider of quality entertainment, music, news and movies for the new urban American audience.

URBT Network provides over the air digital television via antenna to viewing audiences in communities served by its local affiliate stations. The CEO Joseph Collins said “I think America is ready for a change in television and that change has come,” He continued by saying he URBT TV Network is being rolled out aggressively and we are asking that TV stations to secure your DMA positions immediately.

We continue to build on providing our new range of
urban flavor and original content as well as must see television.”


About Urban America Television Network (OTCMKTS: URBT): Urban Television Network which re-branded to URBT TV operates an international based broadcast television network focused primarily on serving the urban populations and other ethnic populations in the urban markets. URBT TV (OTCMKTS: URBT) delivers its programming around-the-clock and has access to a variety of shows, including sports, movies, news, entertainment, variety and family programming.




The Television Stations Industry is indeed a very large industry and pretty much thriving in all parts of the world. Statistics has it that in the United States of America alone, there are about 2,247 licensed and registered television stations responsible for employing about 123,318 employees and the industry rakes in a whooping sum of $56 billion annually with an annual growth rate projected at 2.7 percent.  (Read More)


We Understand The Urban Market. URBT TELEVISION NETWORK is a cable and broadcast television network that airs 24-hours/7 days a week. The network is the future of original and diverse content for multi-platform broadcasting, and reflects America’s diversity in a melting pot of fresh content and exclusive family-oriented hit shows for all ages. 

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Viewership Is Our Top Priority At URBT

As URBT grows and gains momentum viewership is priority. Marketers’ top priority this year is enhancing their knowledge of their customers’ needs, attitudes and motivations, according to Experian Marketing Services’ latest annual Digital Marketer report [download page]. Some 52% of respondents from around the world (half in APAC) chose that as one of their top-3 priorities from a list of 7, leaving it ahead of other priorities including the integration of technology to automate, orchestrate and manage cross-channel customer interactions (43%).

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We Love Great Partnerships

We can assure you that this is an aggressive vision; I have never met a broadcaster that will allow a 55 on the scale, work work to achieve a 100 in every case. Achieving the vision will result in increased reliability and, consequently, lower maintenance costs, but it can only be accomplished in a partnership with operations and engineering. We welcome great partnerships.

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